Rock On Down To The Avenue – White Nights!

So it might not be Electric Avenue, but The Avenue – White Nights definitely has the sales and styles you need to electrify your night! Check out these fabulous discounted items as soon as you can, because this round ends July 28th!

ღღ Chelle ღღ

Teleport to The Avenue White Nights

MIA: Enigma Apparel, La Geeny, Shei Shapes & Skins


A & D CLOTHING - shirt/pack/fatpack, 162L each/650L/845L
ABIGAILS - outfit, 399L
ALMA MAKEUP - makeup, 98L each
AM POSES - pose, 130L each
ANASTYLE - outfit/top/fatpack, 399L/98L - 150L each/699L
APLOMB - gacha, 29L per play
ASERIZ - earrings/fatpack, 70L each/140L
AUSTRIS - gacha, 32L per play
BEAUTIFUL HUSTLER - dress/heels, 75L each
BEE DESIGNS - furniture, 35L per play
BEO - dress/necklace, 150L each/162L
BLONDEQUEEN - romper/dress, 70L each
CHARME - hair/fatpack, 199L each/260L each
CH DESIGN - skin, 1299L each
CREMOSAS - see description for details
DAFNIS - outfit, 99L
EVOLOVE - pose/fatpack, 50L each/227L
GE MYLES - outfit, 249L
GIULIA DESIGN - outfit, 299L each
I M COLLECTION - swimsuit/outfit, 82L each/150L each
KOM - outfit, 325L - 499L
LE SALON - nails, 65L
MISTIQUE - dress, 145L each
MOOH - outfit, 150L each
MOSQUITOS WAY - shoes, 227L
NABREJ ART & DESIGN - house/decor/building, 188L/65L/100L
PAPER SPARROW - top/skirt, 488L each
SHELBYFIED - shape, 150L each
SIMPLY ME - dress, 130L
UNCHARTED - outfit, 100L each
VIKI - top/skirt/shape, 98L each/130L - 137L each
WELL MADE - dress/bodysuit, 115L/85L
WRENS NEST - shape, 260L

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