A New Month, A New Collection At The Mens Dept!

It’s April and you know what that means! It’s time for an all new collection at The Mens Dept! You’ll find fresh new fashions, decor, and more that you just will not be able to pass by! This collection will only be available until April 30th, so get them while you can!

ღღ Chelle ღღ

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MIA: Clef De Peau, Unorthodox


AMIAS - necklace/fatpack, 150L each/400L
ANNA POSES - pose/animation/fatpack, 200L/50L each/200L
APT B - lights/sign/furniture, 150L each/250L
ASCEND - shirt/fatpack, 266L - 279L each/855L-1999L each
BAD UNICORN - house, 300L
BAD UNICORN - house, 300L
BAD UNICORN - house, 300L
BAD UNICORN - house, 300L
BENJAMINZ - jacket/fatpack, 300L each/1000L
BEUSAME - beard, 350L
BLANK LINE - shirt/pants/fatpack, 180L each/150L each/400L - 500L each
BOLSON - tattoo, 270L
CABOODLE - top/pants/fatpack, 199L each/699L
CABOODLE - top/pants/fatpack, 199L each/699L
CHEEKY PEA - cabana/fatpack, 250L - 300L each/500L - 700L each
COLD ASH - sneaker/fatpack, 240L each/1120L
COMPLEX - top/pants/fatpack, 249L each/279L each/1449L
DAVID HEATHER - top/pants/shoes/fatpack, 325L each/250L each/300L each/1200L - 2800L each
DAVID HEATHER - top/pants/shoes/fatpack, 325L each/250L each/300L each/1200L - 2800L each
DUFAUX - shorts/fatpack, 250L each/1200L
ETHAM - top/fatpack, 199L each/599L
GUTCHI - hoodie/pants, 349L each
HEVO - jacket/fatpack, 250L each/1200L
ILLI - shirt, 299L
INK - hair/fatpack, 200L each/555L
K - top/jeans/fatpack, 180L each/195L each/700L - 720L each
K - top/jeans/fatpack, 180L each/195L each/700L - 720L each
KALBACK - jeans/fatpack, 349L each/1749L
KOKOIA - sneakers, 299L
LENOX - jacket/fatpack, 250L each/575L
MGMENS - t-shirt/mask/jacket/pants/fatpack, 50L each/100L/280L each/1360L each
MGMENS - t-shirt/mask/jacket/pants/fatpack, 50L each/100L/280L each/1360L each
MINIMAL - rings/fatpack, 249L each/699L
MODULUS - hair/skin/fatpack, 320L each/350L each/1020L - 1500L each
MOSSU - shirt/fatpack, 249L each/999L
MOVE - dance/fatpack, 300L each/2999L
NEW REGIME - tracksuit/fatpack, 250L each/999L
NOT SO BAD - sweater/fatpack, 299L each/799L
NOVA - watch, 220L each
PEWPEW - chips/fatpack, 248L each/978L
RIOT - shorts/pack/fatpack, 199L each/699L/1299L
RIOT - shorts/pack/fatpack, 199L each/699L/1299L
SAU MOTORCYCLES - chair/motorcycle, 298L each
SEMLLER - laces/sneakers/fatpack, 150L/299L each/1299L
SONG - eyes, 550L each
SPEAKEASY - tattoo, 275L
STEALTHIC - hair/fatpack, 300L each/1000L
STRAYDOG - skin applier, 350L each
SYNCD MOTION - dance/fatpack, 325L each/1599L
THE SKINNERY - head applier, 300L each
THOR - see description for details
TORI TORRICELLI - jeans/sneakers/fatpack, 349L each/1299L each
TORI TORRICELLI - jeans/sneakers/fatpack, 349L each/1299L each
USB - bed, 300L - 500L each
VERSOV - sneakers/fatpack, 279L each/1279L
VEXIIN - earrings/necklace/fatpack, 149L each/299L each/449L - 849L each
VIBES - bracelet/necklace, 199L each
VRSION - mask/fatpack, 245L each/1500L
VRSION - mask/fatpack, 245L each/1500L

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        Cae is at Uber with the Presley set. The choker and layered necklace come in two seperate pieces so you can wear them together or seperate. I love this necklace set so much. Arte just released Summer lip gloss at The Chapter Four. It comes with 12 glossy shades (6 light and 6 dark) and is 50% off for the duration of the event. My hair is new by Exile and was released in the main Exile store.

        Neve is at faMESHed with the Olsen skirt and Admire tube top. This maxi skirt with fold over waist is so perfect for spring! 

Jewelry: Cae :: Presley :: Collection @ Uber
Lipgloss: A R T E – Summer Gloss @ The Chapter Four
Eyeshadow: A R T E – Mia Eyeshadow/ Teleport
Hair: Exile:: Sure, Jan./ Teleport
Skirt: Neve skirt – olsen Lara @ faMESHed
Top: Neve top – admire Lara @ faMESHed
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
Head: CATWA  Kimberly

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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Taking Selfies

Yes, yes.  I’m taking selfies because my av is so damn cute. LOL!  I couldn’t resist pairing all these really cute things.  Hair is from Wasabi Pills and an FLF special.  The outfit is from Miss Chelsea, the shoes are from Reign, the jewelry is from Yummy.  The phone is a cute little gatcha I picked up at Lootbox.  As always, all my pics are on Flickr, and you can find full outfit credits & slurls after the cut!  Enjoy your shopping in Second Life!


Outfit Credits & Slurls – Shop Second Life!
Hair – Wasabi Pills “Chichi”
Head – Catwa “Kimberly”
Skin – Lara Hurley “Diana”
Eyes – Banana Banshee “Hely”
Romper/Sweater –  Miss Chelsea “Eevi Romper”
Necklace – Yummy “Secondhand Necklace”
Cell Phone – ChicChika “My Phone” (Gacha)
Shoes – Reign “September Sneakers”
Body, Hands & Feet – SLink “Physique Body”
Poses – Gingerfish “Various”

Not all items are available in world, don’t forget to shop the Second Life Marketplace!

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A little bit of this and a little bit of that.(FREEBIES & one for you Moz).

I will post the piccies and brief descriptions first and leave my insane babbling until the end but there is info in all of that babble about more FREEBIES if you wanna check it out.

Arty shot.  A really good dress with all those wrinkles ‘n’ crinkles and if you peer closely you can see that it comes with a chain belt that is also a thigh chain.  The hud that comes with it only changes the colour of the chain.

A more natural setting, me househunting again!  Actually, I was sent an LM for a rental sim and since Faith and I love to neb on rentals sims I decided to check it out.  BIG houses and although they’re not cheap you do get great value considering not just the sizes of the properties but excellent prim allowance.  LM to the rental office at the end.

This top is another freebie.

Last Freebie is this great top which has exc detailing on the back.  The 2 tops and the dress all come from the same shop called “Justice” and MOZ and those of you with significant others there is a really good male gift as well.

Now for the BABBLE, and more freebies.

The jeans and shoes are from a couple of recent posts so I will put the link to where I got them but if you scroll back a few posts you will be able to read about them.  The hair is the Mina one which in my head reminded me of her most recent one, scroll back for that post, but when I put it on it is more different than similar and I actually prefer this hair which is good as “Elin” (Read more…)

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Big Sale!

Got a message from the gorgeous Brinlea that there is currently a SALE on at Kunglers – yes indeedy a big fat whopper of a sale. It makes all those precious baubles so afforabubble you might just want to bring a truck to load up your purchases. Actually Brinlea is wearing one of her buys – the “Aphrodite” set which is just dreamy. Sale ends on the 12th April and with 50%-80% discount you wont want to miss it.

Always lovely to meet up with a friend ❤


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Freebies and “YOU PAID HOW MUCH!

This freebie is so OLD it has wrinkles, gray hair, and liver spots and yet it has still stood the test of SL time and so I have not shame in showing it to you.

I got this mask/hair with hud set from Lelutika and it’s one of a few free gifts on the table there but while I was there I bought the new me.

Yup I have finally caved in and bought a Bento Mesh head.  One of the reasons I’ve resisted so far is I just haven’t found one that “sings to me” but as soon as I put this mesh head on from Lelutka called Greer it was the one that I can relate to, because of course, I have such perfect skin, eyes, nose lips in RL!   I’ve laughed so hard at the thought of me looking like my AV I almost pee’d myself but consciously or subconsciously we all create AV’s that we can relate to so my skin isn’t flawless, my eyes are bagless but I do that those lips LOL…big lips ‘n’ big tits just about sums me up LOL.

The other reason I’ve resisted is because I am the Cheap B* and I like that when people see my posts they can almost guarantee it’s gonna be either cheap or free and it’s why I actually rarely show you the things I pay for but since you’re gonna get to see my new fizzog in all of my pictures I thought I’d introduce you to it.

The last reason I’ve bought a mesh head is that I take a lot of pictures and I’m sick of my looks, resting bitch face or slapped arse which is what (Read more…)

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