Releasing Into The Wild: Plain Silk Top Hat

New on the Second Life Marketplace – a mesh project that I finally finished, for once!

A simple black top hat, which reveals a moire’ satin texture when using Advanced Lighting (see viewer preferences under graphics, must be enabled depending on your hardware). Any biggie, Tiny, Dinkie, or Furry avatar can wear this hat with pride! Note, the interior does NOT have invisible or deleted faces, so it could be placed upside-down on a table to display a pair of gloves, etc.

  • Materials – requires Advanced Lighting to see effect
  • Is a matte silk fabric hat on low settings
  • Unrigged – resize/stretch in any dimension

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New @ Wicca’s Wardrobe!

The Guardians – January 2018

For this round of The Guardians we have Janet, a gacha full of options designed for Maitreya’s Lara. Janet is made up of a lot of individual options including: bento gloves, short & long boots, skirts, tops, and jacket. There are are two rares with 5 colors for all parts and three metals. The common items come in 5 colors and each have a HUD that control metals as well as trim and lacing. Of course there is a Gift of the Guardians that is special to the event only. The gift unique to this round are metal add ons for Janet…arm guards and leg guards. While Janet will come to the main store after the event is over, the Janet Gift of the Guardians will never be offered again, so you don’t want to miss this!…/Gimme%20Gacha%20P…/229/128/1463

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Shop the First Round of The Avenue in 2018!

It may be a new year but The Avenue is still a fabulous discount place to shop!  If you haven’t shopped The Avenue yet, make it your New Year’s Resolution.  Who doesn’t want great items at a discounted price?  Save time and money by shopping The Avenue, you will be glad you did!  This round ends on January 22nd.


Teleport to the Avenue


ALEUTIA - dress/fatpack, 200L each/1,299L
AN LAR POSES - pose set, 150L
CHARME - hair, 249L
EVOLOVE - pose/fatpack, 50L each/499L
FORTUNA - jewelry/fatpack, 250L each/400L
INDULGE TEMPTATION - makeup, 120L each
JUNA - tattoo, 99L
KOSMETIK - eyes/fatpack, 199L each/599L
LE SALON - nails, 49L
LIVIA - nail applier, 99L
LIZIAAH - outfit, 275L each
MILLA RASMUSON - makeup, 250L
MILLA RASMUSON - makeup, 250L
MOSQUITOS WAY - boots, 499L
NO 59 - decor, 199L/399L
RAINDALE - bench, 50L
SAM POSES - pose, 99L each
SECRETS - choker, 149L
SHANA - tattoo, 150L each/120L each
SPOTCAT - gacha/bread, 75L per play/250L each
TM CREATIONS - rug, 360L/450L
WRENS NEST - shape, 399L each

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Second Life Marketplace – Chameleonic Possessions Sale Prices

With the coming closure of the St John Estate, my main shop will now be at the mainland location in Tweddle, sharing space with my business partner, Dhughan Froobert.

SLURL: Chameleonic Possessions and Frooberts Further West

I’m undecided about whether I’ll open another secondary shop again. I am quite tempted by 2 locations, both run/managed by old friends. Both are either in the Steampunk genre, which I’ve missed, or in the “early Americana” style, which has a comfortable vibe for me.

Almost all of my older products will be priced at about 50% off. I’ve deleted a few really old ones that nobody wanted (and with good reason)!

I’m actually looking forward to changes. What use is being Chameleonic without it?

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