Christmas in North Carolina – Gettin’ There

We spent Christmas at our son’s place in North Carolina – all told, we were gone for 13 days because we drove there, which takes two days each direction.  It would have been nice to fly out there, like Allie did, but we had to take Paco, plus Sam had a lot of electronic equipment that he was passing on to Allie and us, so we needed a vehicle to bring everything back.  We had enough points to rent a car for free, which was very nice – we ended up with a Nissan Murano, fully-loaded, and I have to say, it made the drive as pleasant as it could be, all things considered.

We left Texas on the Thursday before Christmas, and drove to Birmingham, Alabama, which took us just over 12 hours.  While long, that drive was fairly uneventful; we listened to a book on Audible, thanks to our friend Cary, who shared her account with us.  We all had Happy Meals from McDonald’s – yes, even Paco…he loves a cheeseburger – and I have to say, the fries that come in the Happy Meal are adorable:

Honestly, it was the perfect amount.
A retro McDonald’s in Mississippi – we sat outside and had lunch, just like in the olden days when they only had outside seating.

At first, Paco enjoyed the ride and was happy in his spot in the back seat:

Did someone say HAPPY MEAL??

The next day, we woke up early and got on the road, where we encountered traffic jam after traffic jam – it was stop-and-go basically from Georgia to Sam’s place in North Carolina:

Here’s the Olympic Flame from the 1996 Atlanta Olympics…and stopped traffic.
Boiled peanuts at a gas station in Georgia.  Wasn’t. Even. Tempted.  This was also where we got a call from our credit card’s fraud department, as we tried to get gas at a station across the street from this station but couldn’t get our card to read, so we left and went to a different gas station.  At least they were quick to note weird activity (two swipes at two gas stations within five minutes).
Here’s the peach water tower, not in Georgia (aren’t they famous for peaches??) but rather, South Carolina.  One of the few times we were actually moving at normal speed there – I swear, that entire state’s highways were under construction and down to one lane.
Here’s Paco, who had given up on life and wouldn’t even face me.
Hey, here’s yet ANOTHER traffic jam.  This was about two hours from Sam’s place.  We were despairing of ever reaching it at that point.  We finally arrived at 7:45 that evening, which was about three hours later than we should have gotten there.
One of Sam’s coworkers likes to bake, and he made this triple-layer cake for us, which was so nice, and a sweet reward at the end of our epic journey to North Carolina. 
 Paco was very happy to be with his boy, and especially happy to be out of the car!
Next up, Christmas day!  Yes I know I’m a little behind and should be posting about new year resolutions and all that, but we just got home on Wednesday, and I’m finally at my own computer and have time to blog.  Pretend it’s still 2017 when you come here for the next few days, OK?

[Question] How does a foodie lose weight?

Hii friends. Thanks for taking your time to look at this.

I effing love to cook and eat. I love food and everything to do with it. It’s 1:00 AM here in Seattle, and I just got back in bed after making myself an egg sandwich snack on delicious fluffy Italian como bread.

Now I work out too, but only just enough to keep my five foot nine inch self around 170 pounds. I’ve always been kinda rolly-polly, even when I was swimming two hours a day because of my passion for angel hair with cream cheese Alfredo and meatballs that have been cooking in tomato sauce since seven in the morning.

I’ve been pretty indifferent to my shape for the most part. Food has been worth it. But I’m building my life as an adult now, and I want to give dating another shot. I’m pretty self conscious about my weight when making an endeavor like this, so I’m wondering, am I really going to have to throttle down my diet to be able to fit into pants two sizes smaller than what I’m wearing? Maybe someone has a story they can share that’ll inspire me.

Thanks for your time peeps!

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[Challenge] Asia-Pacific Accountability Challenge * January 5, 2018

“I’m reflective only in the sense that I learn to move forward. I reflect with a purpose.” * Kobe Bryant

It’s day 5! It’s Friday! The first work week of 2017 is over!

Today I want everyone to reflect on the goals they set on Day 1 and how those goals are coming along. If you have met your marks every day, congratulations! Keep doing that! If you’re like me and you find that some of those goals are slipping, readjust your expectations for this month (it is totally okay!). Sometimes you don’t know what your goals are until you get started.

Also, heads up, my posts for the next few days are going to be really short! I’m traveling to Beijing tomorrow morning and then I’ll be joining you guys in the Summer part of the world early next week!

If you are joining us today, welcome! Please introduce yourself, we are glad you can join us!

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Daily Q&A Post for Friday, 05 January 2018 – No question too small!

Got a question? We’ve got answers!

Do you have question but don’t want to make a whole post? that’s fine. Ask right here! What is on your mind? Everyone is welcome to ask questions or provide answers. No question is too minor or small.


  • Include your stats if appropriate/relevant (or better yet, update your flair!)
  • Check the FAQ and other resources in the sidebar!

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Holidays Leave You a Little Heavier? 5 To-Dos to Lose the Extra Weight

Parties, feasts and treats of all kinds: The holiday season is full of indulgences that are nearly impossible to resist. And when the celebrations are over and the decorations are all put away, many of us carry a little extra holiday weight into the new year. A study published by the National Institutes of Health found that people who are already overweight add an average of five more pounds each year during the six weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The longer you keep those excess pounds, the harder the holiday weight can be to shed. That’s why today is the best time to take steps to lose the extra weight.

5 Surprising Reasons Winter is the Best Time to Lose Weight

Read More

Start the year off right with these five proven and effective strategies to lose the holiday weight:
1. Clear out leftovers.


When the party ends, you often have a house full of unfinished cakes, pies, cookies, candy and other goodies—which all contributed to your holiday weight gain. You don’t want them to go to waste, but if you finish them you’ll be loading up on calories you also do not want. Gather the treats up—all of them—and take them to your workplace or share them with a local community group. You’ll be glad to see them gobbled up and you’ll spare yourself the temptation of eating them yourself.

2. Stand up more.

stand up

Here’s a little simple math that adds up to a big difference. The average person burns 100 calories per hour while sitting and 140 calories per hour while standing. Set a reminder on your phone to tell you to be on your feet for at least two hours every day. You will burn an extra 560 calories by the end of the week, which is about enough to help you drop one pound.

3. Sip tea.


A steaming cup of tea does more than warm you up on chilly days. According to a study published in the European Journal of Nutrition, tea help stimulates weight loss with two unique compounds. Catechins boost your metabolism and help your body break down fats. Polyphenols reduce the gut bacteria that is typically associated with obesity and increase the kind of bacteria that creates lean body mass. These compounds are found in both green and black teas. Better yet, tea has zero calories if you add nothing more than lemon juice, so you can enjoy it all day long.

7 Reasons You Should Visit The Leaf Every Day

Read More

4. Write it down.

write it down

The simple act of noting each day what you eat and drink and your physical activity increases your chances for success when you’re trying to drop extra pounds. There is a “significant association between self-monitoring and weight loss,” according to research published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association. Mindless eating is one of the most common causes of weight gain. Recording your food intake and activity helps raise your awareness about making healthy choices and shows you when your choices may be hindering your effort to lose.

5. Sign up for Nutrisystem >

sign up

People who participate in weight loss programs have much more success than those who try to diet on their own. Even better, the Nutrisystem program is more than a diet, it’s a plan for life. You’ll learn the keys to healthy eating and how to make the changes that help you drop excess pounds and keep the weight off. Nutrisystem offers you lots of delicious meals and snacks to choose from, so you eat delicious foods as you lose the weight. You also get invaluable support from the free NuMi app >,which makes it easy to track your daily diet and activity, and you also receive guidance from expert dietitians who answer your every question and help you get through any challenge. Best of all, Nutrisystem ensures you lose weight the healthy, sustainable way—no crash dieting, no strange ingredients combos, and no giving up the kinds of foods you love. You eat up to six times a day, so you’re not feeling famished all day. And with the unique Turbo Takeoff week plan, you start getting results right away.

Sign up now for your Nutrisystem plan and get rid of those extra holiday pounds before they stick around until next year >

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SV/NSV Feats of the Day – Friday, 05 January 2018: Today, I conquered!

The habit of persistence is the habit of victory!

Celebrating something great? Scale Victory, Non-Scale Victory, Progress, Milestones — this is the place! Big or small, long or short, please post here and help us focus all of today’s awesomeness into an inspiring and informative mega-dose of greatness! (Details are appreciated!! How are you losing your weight?)

  • Did you just change your flair? pass a milestone? reach a goal?
  • Did you log for an entire week? or year?
  • Did you take the stairs? walk a mile? jog for 3? set a new personal record?
  • Fit into your old pair of jeans? throw away your fat clothes? fit into your college outfit?

Post it here! This is the new, improved place for recording your acts of awesomeness!

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The Struggle Begins. Day 1. Introduction and trying to figure it all out.

I’ve been struggling with weight issues my whole life. I’ve been on a seesaw of diets and training programs. My best time was after I split from my ex-fiancée. I hit the gym to battle the depression and lost 80 lbs. Shortly after I moved and got stuck in a rut with no job and depression hit me again. I gained twice the amount back. Fast forward a couple of years and now I’ve given up all hope. I sit beside a mirror everyday, looking at myself, wondering if the thing in the mirror is even human anymore. It’s hard to not think dark thoughts most days. I am 34 years old. Single all my life except once (miracle). I weigh now 550 lbs maybe more. Surprisingly I am still somewhat mobile though I get fatigued very easy and cannot stand for more than a couple minutes at a time. I want a change. I NEED a change. I’ve read on the site for a while now at the guides and can’t help but see it as if I am reading some kind of rocket science manual. I get overwhelmed easy. I am trying to understand the No Carb/ Low Cal BMIs BMRs and I feel my intelligence is just to low I guess. I have a stationary bike I can use to at least get started. Being from the countryside I suppose my only options is that and walking. I wish I had a partner to help keep me motivated. That is also one of my biggest issues. This time I will try to keep a picture diary of progress. If i can notice a change maybe that will help me. This is the first time I have ever branched out to anyone or a forum. I am getting a strong vibe my days are numbered soon if I don’t take action. Any support or advice is appreciated. Let this day 1 be the last day 1 I will ever need. (Moved post from Day 1 mod post as afraid would just be buried.) Day 1 Pics : Side, Front

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Inspired to start. Call this my statement of intent!

First post in this sub!

I’ve spent most of my life as a deceivingly bigger dude (shout out to dark colored tops one time). It’s gotten to the point where I happily identify as one—I can’t even imagine cutting down below 210 lbs—and take a bit of pride in being one of the larger, almost brother bear-type figures amongst my group of friends. That said, at 31 years old, 5’9″, and 230 lbs., I know that having zero diet discipline and a family history of heart disease isn’t good for me long term.

Given my current schedule and lifestyle, I’ve recently found the inspiration to try CICO and intermittent fasting, while getting back into the gym at least 1-2 times per week. Wish I could go back to my old boxing gym, but it’s gotten too expensive, so good old weight training at ye local Blink will have to do.

Wish me luck, folks. Hoping I’ll be able to share some good results in coming weeks!

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[Scale and Family Victory] Thank you r//loseit. I am down 20 lbs.

A few months ago I posted (since deleted) that I was feeling ashamed that I (F, 5’2)had allowed myself to get to nearly 200 lbs. The worst part was my 12 year old daughter (5’4) was following my example. She was right behind me at 194 lbs. Thank you all so much for your kind words and advice. I just wanted to thank r/loseit for encouraging me in a way that didn’t make me feel worse than I already did. Just wanted to let you know that since October I have lost 20 lbs. I started logging my food in My Fitness Pal. I bought a crockpot and we have cut down “eating out” to 2 days every other week. Our freezer is full of frozen veggies. Surprisingly my kids haven’t really questioned or made comments about the changes. They just have gone with it. The best part was that close to Christmas my daughter came in to ask if she could borrow a specific pair of jeans. I told her to keep them because they fit kind of loose. It’s the first time she really noticed I had lost weight. She came to me the day of Christmas and said she wanted to lose weight also. It gave me the perfect opportunity to really emphasis that it is about improving my health. We had a long talk and I tried to make sure I stayed only on the subject of health. She really seemed to be actively watching me during the holidays and followed my example (food choices/portions). I only have her 50% of the time but I’m feeling so hopeful about the situation. I spoke to her dad and he agreed to possibly allow her to live with me exclusively for a month or two. I feel so happy and excited. Crazy that 3 months ago I was feeling hopeless.

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Losing weight without the scale?

Heres my deal… I refuse to buy a scale because I was obsessed with it as a child / teen. So far I’m just guessing my weight and counting calories accordingly – and I’m working out 4/5 times a week. I’ve been doing this for a couple months now and I feel great! I think I just got to a point in my life where I’m just ready to work out and eat a balanced, appropriate diet. I just don’t have the numbers to measure how I’m doing.

Does anyone else not weigh themselves? Have you had any success?

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